Thursday, November 18th at 8:30pm Eastern

Join virtually. Play games. Win money. Donate to charity. 

What is GamesGiving?

Gamesgiving is an annual holiday Giving Game event created with one purpose: to come together during the holiday season and make a significant impact in our communities. We keep our normal Giving Game format – virtual group games where the winners donate their prize – while sprinkling in some holiday flair. Bring your friends. Bring your family. And of course, your best holiday spirit. We may have a prize for the funniest holiday attire!

Our 2021 Cause

Our cause of choice for GamesGiving 2021 is the Year of the Teacher. Teachers are constantly sacrificing their time, energy and resources for the good of their students. We want to help make this easier for them!

Teachers will submit an application or they can be nominated by a friend, family member, or someone in their community. A committee will choose deserving nominees to receive a donation from the Giving Game. Your contributions will help teachers fund classroom activities, purchase necessary supplies and assist students in need, along with many other classroom initiatives. 

nominate yourself or your favorite teacher today

Our Fundraising Goal

For this year’s GamesGiving event, we have set our fundraising goal at $2,500.

$ 0

$1,778 Raised

of our $2,500 goal

Teachers Need Our Help

Pay Disparity

Teachers make 19% less than other professions that require a bachelor’s degree, according to the Economic Policy Institute think tank.

Teacher Salaries

Pay for educators has also decreased. Teachers make less on average in inflation-adjusted dollars than they did in 1990, according to TIME Magazine.

Classroom Supplementation

94% of public school teachers report spending their own money on school supplies for their classrooms*.

Little-to-no Reimbursement

On average public school teachers spend $478/year on school supplies without reimbursement*